Sourcing Options for Architectural Design, Construction and Real Estate Industry

Outsourcing became a business phenomenon in the 1980s. Introduced initially as a process to delegate non-core business functions to an external entity that specializes in that function, outsourcing has changed the way to do business today. Traditionally, organization leveraged the expertise and experience of external organizations for performing functions that were linked to but not intrinsic to their mainframe services/products. Payroll, billing, accounting, sales, distribution, and data entry are some of the functions that were outsourced. These were efficiently, time and cost effectively achieved by outsourcing service providers, as they possess dedicated infrastructure, technology and talented and trained personnel.

Today the outsourcing industry has received a facelift, as there are only a few avenues of the different industries that are not outsourcing. The scope and influence of outsourcing has widened like never before. It helps organization not only save on costs but also leverage expertise and knowledge from trained professionals, as well as, external infrastructure investments. These outsourcing service providers provide the advantage of supplementing your existing workforce, thus adding to your teams and helping you take on more and more challenging projects. Previously, organizations outsourced their non-core functions to focus resources on more profit and revenue critical functions.  Nowadays, organizations are opening up to the idea of outsourcing revenue critical operations in part or as a whole to utilize this cost and time efficient opportunity to the maximum extent.

Companies are constantly in the search for professional qualified workforce to work for lower costs at global locations. India has emerged as leading outsourcing destination due to its abundance of technically qualified professionals with effective language skills, low cost conditions, government policies and technology and infrastructure investments. Other leading outsourcing options include China and the Philippines with India leading the foray of sourcing destinations. Companies should make intelligent and strategic decisions about outsourcing projects to locations that offer a blend of opportunities from a social and regulatory perspective, as well as, cost feasibility. Lower costs should not be the only decision maker for organization. They must make the decision of choosing a sourcing provider based on factors conducive to the organization’s growth.

The construction and real estate industry has also jumped onto the outsourcing bandwagon for reaping its obvious benefits. Architectural drawing, architectural drafting, construction documentation and 3D modeling and visualizations are some of the aspects of architectural design and construction projects that can be effectively outsourced. 3D modeling or rendering of previous and future projects provides a great advantage to the construction and real estate industry. With the aid of architectural 3D visualizations, you can render a future project even before laying the first brick. Realistic animation, materials, vegetation and other tools help stakeholders, potential buyers and other visualize how the project will look in its actual setting after completion.

Using the latest software and architectural 3D modeling techniques, these 3D renders will create a lasting effect on the viewers. Hiring an in-house designer for designing architectural 3D models is a most often a futile attempt as most people are not specialists in 3D modeling and lack the design acumen and necessary technical skills. Architectural 3D rendering outsourcing helps you coordinate this work with architects, civil engineers, and designers of your service provider’s team. In addition, hiring a service provider to handle 3D architectural rendering is much cheaper that hiring a full time professional designer.

For small architectural firms, it is not a feasible affair to allocate resources to 3D modeling tasks as they lack the technical and economic resources required to maneuver entire teams. Also for companies whose mainframe business is construction and not 3D design, hiring dedicated resources for 3D architectural rendering alone is a problematic affair.

For this particular purpose, many organizations that specialize in the various fields of architectural design such as architectural drawing, architectural drafting, construction documentation, 3D architectural rendering have emerged in sourcing locations around the world. They provide significant benefits to architects, remodelers, builders, and construction companies as their architectural expertise and design acumen can be used to create 3D models and architectural visualizations that can be used on websites, brochures and presentations. Investors are given the opportunity to virtual visualizing what they are investing in.

Many architects, architectural firms, designers, interior decorators, remodelers, builders, and construction companies have turned to the outsourcing option and greatly benefitted. It’s about time the others wake up to new opportunities, as well.